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MAS General Cargo

The product that will fit most of your needs. Designed for air cargo shipments which do not need any special treatment. Our experienced team across our network will provide seamless booking, acceptance, shipping, and support when needed.


MAS Pharma

Our reliable airport-to-airport transport ensures the temperature sensitive products are handled according to IATA´s regulations. Mas Air´s strict operational processes ensure the cold chain is maintained thoroughly.

Our CEIV Pharma Certification ensures all processes, CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) are in place to ensure consistent temperatures throughout the logistic chain.

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MAS Perishable

Knowing that temperature control is a key factor for keeping products fresh, we have designed a flawless logistic for perishable goods. From flowers, to fruits, to fish, your customers will always have fresh products.


MAS Dangerous Goods

The regulations for handling this type of cargo are detailed in the IATA dangerous goods regulations, based on the "Technical Instructions of the International Civil Aviation Organization" (ICAO). A detailed list of individual articles and substances is included in this manual, specifying the UN classification, acceptability and conditions for air transport.

In addition to what is established by IATA, the local regulations and those of the airline involved in the transport must also be considered. International regulations, both ICAO and IATA, establish that... 


MAS Live Animals

After more than 25 years handling live animals, MasAir has all the necessary experience and processes to ensure the appropriate handling of animals, such as horses, pets, exotic animals, fishes, livestock and beyond. Our staff will provide all support and care needed to guarantee comfort and reduce stress for any species.


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MAS Autoparts

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MAS Charters

In this service we offer you the possibility of hiring all or part of our airplanes to carry out flights outside of our established itineraries on regular routes, for boarding when you need it; whether they are live animals, large cargo, perishable or any type of cargo.


MasAir has extensive experience in conducting charter flights to different parts of the world, guaranteeing the efficiency of our equipment and meeting the needs of our clients and international regulations, as it has a large, flexible and modern fleet...